All the Videos from the First Ever Africa Teens Summit: Virtual Event

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

One of the prominent advantages of Africa is that it has age on its side. Africa has a predominantly young population, with a significant portion being teenagers. With this in mind, any avenue to influence and educate teenagers is a step towards influencing the future of Africa.

One of such avenues is the Africa Teens summit which took place on the 30th of June 2020, teenagers from Africa and other parts of the world gathered to learn from some of Africa’s brightest minds on how they can make an impact in their communities.

The event kicked off with The African Teens summit Founder Mercy Akamo welcoming everyone to the event, then briefly talking about why the African Teens summit is important. The teenage phase of life is a critical link between childhood and adulthood. Like all transition phases, it comes with new risks but also presents opportunities to positively influence the future of young people.

She introduced the first speaker, Megan Werner who spoke about her journey of gathering a team of teenagers to build an airplane and then flying it at the age of 17. Megan accomplished this despite losing her dad while working on this. Agnes Keamogetswe Seemela, a member of the team that built the airplane also spoke about her experience and how it has shaped her perspective on life. Afterwards, DJ Switch told the audience about her passion music and how it can uplift Africa.

As an interlude in between the talks, Ellie Scotte gave a stunning musical performance which was accompanied by a short story of her battle with self-belief.

Richard Yusuf then told a tale of his team’s - the critics company - series of trial and errors, whilst working on making Sci-fi movies using the meagre resources available. Dune Tilley, a photographer who has done works for big brands like CNN and Addidas reminded the audience of why their perspective is currently their most valuable asset. Vanessa Nakete shared the story of her journey as a Climate change advocate and her experience at the World Economic Forum. And Nyeeam “King Nahh” Hudson pumped the audience with a can-do mentality

There was also a panel session moderated by Isabella Akinseye, where some of the speakers answered questions based on some points raised in their talks.

The last segment of the event was the Question & Answer part, the attendees who were full of questions interacted with the speakers who were excited to give answers to the questions that came up.

You can watch all the videos from the summit here. and the the Q and A session here.

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