Maximizing your Potential .

A teenager that is focused is one who knows exactly what he/she wants in life, sets goals and gives his attention , effort and time to see it being accomplished. Such individual understands the value of life, thinks less of the past and works towards the protection of the future .

Talking about skills and talents, people often neglect them as though it means nothing but looking at the situation of the world today, this is what keeps a teenager moving and full of enthusiasm. Disengaging such person from his/her talents to focus more on education is not always a good idea, some parents/guardians even go as far as wishing their teenagers had a certain or specific talent.

So the questions are: what can you do? What do you always get credit for? What are you happy doing? Do you know you can broaden your knowledge and impact lives with just your skills or talents? Because you can!!

This is the period when we know who really are the focused teenagers, some teenagers sleep all day long, no reading, no research ,nothing!!!just dormancy. The pandemic has indeed crumpled down the hope for learning at this time but what then can you do to avoid being idle at home, in the society, country and continent?.

Teenagers can learn skills such as baking , playing instruments, football and other wonderful skills that could help. Parents can also be of help here by paying for skill acquisition classes, keeping their teenagers busy and of course impacting knowledge in them that could be beneficial anytime.

As a teenager who is focused with amazing skills, one does not need to tell him you that you could make a difference in whatever you set your heart to do.

The saying, "when life gives you lemon, make lemonade" comes in handy here because the skill(s) you call little today can be of great help today or tomorrow so therefore, learn a skill, be proud of your talent and be productive .

Article by Sandra Ibeakamma (Africa Teens Summit Contributor)

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