Discovering your Self Identity with Bisi Akins- A Glance into the Session.

The first bi-weekly Role Model series was all shades of awesome with the amazing Bisi Akins. It was an interactive session that started off with an instagram Live session then the zoom meeting followed almost immediately. Teenagers around the world joined in and had a great time with Bisi who took time to on unveil the basics and root of self identity.

Bisi Akins is a presenter, host and founder of social enterprise ‘Young Gifted Initiative’ (YGI). She has hosted various events across the UK & Africa covering everything from music, hair & beauty, entertainment, corporate engagements to charitable causes. She is the creator of SELF:I:E (Self Image Enhanced), a service created to teach women the importance of Self Worth, Self Identity & Self Image. She aims to create a strong community of women who wear their best SELF:I:E always.

On the topic, “Discovering your Self Identity as a Teenager”, Bisi Akins, went on to explain in details the concept of Self Identity. She gave 7 steps to finding self identity which she are;

1. Foundation.

This represents self believe, she urged teenagers to believe in themselves as they were the only ones to make a difference.

2. Frame of mind

This is the biggest tool of psychology. In there, lives the issues of life. When the mind is filled with negative thoughts, it tends to be unproductive, she advised that we feed our minds with positive files in other to produce at our maximum best.

3. Chiseling your skill.

Every individual possess a skill and/ or talent. What we do with them is better than the fact that we have them. Bisi went further to explain the importance of developing ourselves in various areas stating that skills and talents are possessions that could fade if neglected. Skills can take us anywhere and shouldn't be taken for granted.

4. Law of attraction.

There should be something spectacular about you that attracts people to you, it could be your mindset, knowledge, composure and lots more. For Bisi, it was her contagious smile!

5. Personal Network.

The kind of people you surround yourself with has a lot to do with where you are going, surround yourself with people who motivate you and push you to be better, keeping negative vibes around yourself can weaken your goals and pursue in life, Bisi acknowledged her mother at this point as one who motivated her which is part of what made her who she is today.

6. Personal Vision.

Bisi emphasized on how important it is to set goals and target. Finding what you really want to be in life should be the number one step , set a target and deadline to it so as to work zealously after afterwards. Your parent's choice of career for you might be different from yours so it’s important to politely talk to them about it and make them see reasons with you. This is can be achieved by being serious minded and remaining focused.

7. Self Affirmations.

This is the biggest of them all, what you tell yourself is exactly what you are. So therefore, you are strong, beautiful , amazing, talented and much more than it meets the eyes. Tell yourself positive things when you wake up each day and see yourself doing amazingly great.

In conclusion, the session was great and very interactive. The moment spent with her felt like we had known her for long. Questions asked by attendees were explicitly answered by her and the memory will be one that we wouldn’t forget in a hurry!

If you missed the session, watch out for our next guest in our bi-weekly Role Model series because every session comes with it’s amazing moment!

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