Building and Sustaining a Business While in School as a Teenager.

Before we get into the bone of contention and fine print of setting up a business while in school, you should know that no one who starts a business for the first time really knows what they are doing , especially in the early stages. It’s not about what you know but about learning from making mistakes. Focus on what you don’t know and learning and growing.

Starting a business in high school or tertiary institution as a teenager isn’t about making money, it’s about something much more valuable than that ; growing and developing your entrepreneurial skills from a young age . The businesses that end up succeeding are simply the ones with that make fewer mistakes , that is why starting a business at a young age can be so beneficial . Before you are old , you will become aware of all the little mistakes you made in the past and avoid them on your business ventures later in life.

Work on something you are passionate about . At the end of the day, starting a business and combining it with school is just like any job , it is going to eat up a lot of your time. So why spend time doing something you are not passionate about ?. A business that isn’t built on passion and drive is destined for failure . If you are passionate about getting young women involved in STEM SUBJECTS, start thinking about ways you can do that . If you are passionate about reducing the impact of global warming, start thinking about products to combat it .

No matter what it is you care about, start thinking of ways you can bring a solution or service to market and turn it into a small business. Don’t get hung up on the minor details for now; forget about the business name or potential for success. What makes a business flourish is passionate people working towards a common goal .

Teenage businesses come in all shapes and sizes from lemonade to military grade empire , so no matter what your ambition or interests may be , there is likely a way to grow it into a company. You will also need to develop some tangible entrepreneurial talents . You can do this by mingling with like minded people at local events , networking nights , study groups or exciting educational tours.

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